Helping you lead, work, and thrive in hybrid and remote teams.

For Leaders & Teammates

We'll be focusing on how to lead remotely as well as how to work on a hybrid/remote team. 

Unique Guests

We're interviewing guests from around the world about how to lead and work long-distance.


We'll be answering questions from one of our co-hosts as well as yours.

About the Podcast

The Long-Distance Worklife Podcast looks at the way we work in hybrid and remote teams. Each week, we bring you provocative discussions about what it takes to work remotely, master technology, develop your leadership skills, and just plain survive the way we’re expected to work today. We’ll bring you new and exciting voices in the world of hybrid and remote work. In addition to conversations with diverse and unique voices, Wayne and Marisa will take your questions, making us the most relevant source for navigating the Long-Distance Worklife.


Your Hosts

Wayne Turmel

Master Trainer and Coach for The Kevin Eikenberry Group, co-author of The Long-Distance Leader: Rules for Remarkable Remote Leadership and The Long-Distance Teammate: Stay Engaged and Connected While Working Anywhere, and trainer of remote teams for over twenty years.

Marisa Eikenberry

Web developer, podcast editor, and technology support specialist for The Kevin Eikenberry Group. Has worked on a hybrid team for over 8 years.

Here’s what people are saying Long-Distance Worklife


Informational and Timely for Remote Workers and Managers

This podcast is so timely as many companies are now remote-first. But the best part of this show is the conversations between the hosts and the guests. I like that it feels like a casual conversation with essential takeaways. My favorite episodes are when Marisa joins Wayne on the mic to chat about topics facing remote workers and work life.

I highly recommend Long-Distance Worklife to people that work hybrid and remote jobs or manage remote workers.

Lifestyle Creep

New Way of Working!

Glad I found this podcast! Work has changed for many since the pandemic. The hosts cover a lot of relevant topics and offer their fresh take on how work is changing and how employees can manage their careers during these dynamic times. Recommend you follow if you have questions on managing your career and how to stay ahead!

You should be thriving on a remote team, not simply surviving.

Are you struggling to lead (or work) remotely? Every Monday we'll help you find ways to survive and thrive on your remote team. Whether you're a leader or a teammate, we'll give you tips and tricks that you can apply to any remote position.