Remote Work Rants: Is Asynchronous Video Killing the Meeting Star? with Wayne Turmel and Marisa Eikenberry

Marisa and Wayne discuss pet peeves related to remote meetings. They address the issue of team members not turning on their cameras during meetings and the value of having cameras on. Wayne explains that while there are advantages to being on camera, it’s important to consider the context and purpose of the meeting. For larger

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Benefits of Co-Working in Remote and Hybrid Workplaces with Taylor Harrington on Long-Distance Worklife Podcast with Wayne Turmel
Posted in  Guests, Hybrid Work, Technology, Working Remotely  on  September 18, 2023  - 0 comments

Taylor Harrington, Head of Community at Groove, joins Wayne Turmel to discuss the concept of co-working and how it can be applied in both physical and online spaces. They explore the benefits of co-working, such as accountability, social connection, and the opportunity to meet new people. Taylor explains how Groove facilitates online co-working sessions, matching

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The Spider-Man Paradox: How Remote Workers Balance Power and Responsibility

Marisa and Wayne discuss the Spider-Man Paradox, which is the idea that with great power comes great responsibility. They explore the responsibility that remote workers have in managing their own schedules and demonstrating their trustworthiness to their employers. They emphasize the importance of proactive communication, setting expectations, and taking ownership of one’s work. They also

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How Tectonic Forces are Reshaping the Future of Work with Phil Simon on Long-Distance Worklife Podcast with Wayne Turmel

Wayne Turmel interviews Phil Simon about the trends that are reshaping the workplace, particularly in the context of remote and hybrid work. They discuss the dispersed workplace, employee empowerment, and the need for new metrics to measure productivity. Phil emphasizes the importance of acknowledging the shift towards remote work and the need for organizations to

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Remote Work Rants: Holding Attention & Harnessing Breakout Rooms on Long-Distance Worklife Podcast with Wayne Turmel and Marisa Eikenberry
Posted in  Ask Wayne Anything, Technology, Working Remotely  on  August 28, 2023  - 0 comments

Marisa Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel delve into the realm of remote work pet peeves, with a particular focus on virtual meetings. As they banter in their signature casual-yet-business-oriented style, Marisa and Wayne discuss the ups and downs of attention spans, attention-grabbing tactics, and the intricate dynamics of breakout sessions. Sharing insights from their own experiences,

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Solving the Challenges of Hybrid Teams with AI Technology with Projjal (PJ) Ghatak on Long-Distance Worklife with Wayne Turmel
Posted in  Guests, Hybrid Work, Leadership, Technology  on  August 21, 2023  - 0 comments

Wayne Turmel interviews Projjal (PJ) Ghatak, CEO and co-founder of OnLoop, a habit-forming AI-powered platform for high-functioning teams. They discuss the challenges faced by hybrid teams and the need for increased clarity and visibility in remote work. OnLoop helps managers and team members stay connected and informed through regular check-ins and feedback. The platform aims

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