Marisa Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel explore the intricacies of remote work expertise. Wayne, a seasoned professional in the field, shares his candid views on the skepticism surrounding the term “expert,” the evolution of remote work expertise, and offers practical advice for discerning true expertise in this domain. The episode is a must-listen for anyone navigating

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Wayne Turmel explores the challenging world of remote and hybrid work leadership, focusing on imposter syndrome and its impact on leaders. Joined by guest Rico Nasol, a seasoned consultant and coach, the discussion delves into how imposter syndrome manifests, particularly in remote work settings, and strategies for overcoming it. Nasol shares his personal experiences and

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Navigating Office Returns: Harmony or Hostage Negotiation? Long-Distance Worklife Podcast
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Marisa Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel navigate the evolving ‘Return to Office’ landscape. They discuss the challenges and realities of shifting from remote to hybrid work, focusing on employer-employee negotiations and the impact on productivity and employee engagement. Wayne sheds light on the varied experiences of returning to the office, touching on the concept of ‘malicious

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The Great Escape: Innovating Remote Team Building with Escape Rooms with Madeline Purches
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Wayne Turmel joins Madeline Purches from The Escape Game to discuss the world of remote team building. Discover how the principles of escape rooms can transform the dynamics of remote teams. Madeline shares insights on adapting escape room tactics for virtual environments, tackling cultural and technological challenges, and creating engaging, inclusive activities for global teams.

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Remote Work Rants: To Fake or Not to Fake Your Zoom Background
Posted in  Ask Wayne Anything, Technology  on  January 22, 2024  - 0 comments

Marisa Eikenberry and Wayne Turmel delve into the nuanced world of remote work environments, particularly focusing on the use of fake Zoom backgrounds. They explore various perspectives on authenticity and professionalism in remote settings, discussing the impact of virtual backgrounds on connection and communication. They also share tips on choosing appropriate backgrounds and the technical

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Global Office, Family Home: Remote Work Lessons from a Digital Nomad Family with Chris Stroud on Long-Distance Worklife Podcast with Wayne Turmel
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Join Wayne Turmel in a fascinating conversation with Chris Stroud, an e-commerce growth consultant who juggles traveling the world with his seven kids while maintaining a successful remote work lifestyle. Discover Chris’s unique strategies for effective communication without video calls, his approach to managing time and tasks, and how he integrates work with his adventurous

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