Read Deeper, Not Faster: Choosing The Right Business Books For Your Organization With Theresa Destrebecq

Wayne Turmel interviews Theresa Destrebecq, founder of Emerge Book Circles, about the importance of reading deeper instead of faster. Teresa emphasizes that books can easily become shelf development if not read with intention and purpose. She shares her philosophy on choosing books that align with an organization's strategies, challenges, and solutions. Theresa also provides tips on selecting relevant books that are timely and complement ongoing work. Emerge Book Circles is a combination of Theresa's work in education and coaching where she facilitates book learning communities within organizations to support interdependent ways of working. 

Featured Guest

Theresa Destrebecq

Name: Theresa Destrebecq

What She Does: Founder of Emerge Book Circles and co-host of The Leader Learner Podcast

Notable: Theresa Destrebecq is a passionate learner and leader, who loves to read, so she started Emerge Book Circles to bring book learning to companies to make it more social and transformational. It’s about moving beyond just consuming ideas in isolation, to connecting those ideas to yourself, your colleagues, and your work.

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