Technology and Trust: Key Pillars of Remote Work with Terry Isner

Terry Isner, owner and CEO of Jaffe, a remote marketing and PR agency for law firms, discusses the evolution of remote work and the challenges and benefits it brings. He shares how Jaffe transitioned to remote work 35 years ago and how technology has played a crucial role in their success. Isner emphasizes the importance of trust, empathy, and effective communication in a remote work environment. He also highlights the need for leaders to adapt and let go of traditional office norms to fully embrace the remote work revolution.

Featured Guest

Name: Terry M. Isner

Bio: A marketing philosopher, brand consultant and dynamic speaker for the professional services industry, Terry M. Isner is known as “the empathy man” because of his humanistic approach to business strategy.


00:00 Introduction
00:54 History of Remote Work
01:42 Evolution of Remote Work
02:28 Formation of Jaffe
03:21 Challenges of Remote Work
04:26 Benefits of Remote Work
05:11 Importance of Intention in Remote Work
06:24 Impact of COVID-19 on Remote Work
07:08 Accountability and Security of Remote Work
08:36 Success of Remote Work During COVID-19
11:28 Managing Money and Competitiveness in Retail
12:16 Importance of Empathy and Trust in Virtual Leadership
13:07 Using Technology to Establish Accountability in Remote Work
14:21 Challenges of Hiring and Ensuring Productivity in Remote Teams
16:17 Overcoming Communication Barriers in Remote Work
17:16 Fear and Barriers to Embracing Remote Work
19:00 Negative Impact of Early Technology Adoption in Remote Work
20:05 Generational Differences in Adapting to Remote Work
21:02 Trust the Process and Embrace the Humanity Revolution
21:27 Closing

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